New year, new me

The beginning of a new year is considered a nice time to start something you’ve been thinking about for a while. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a big thing. It could be scrolling social media for inspiration, jotting down knitting goals or organizing your knitting supplies. These are all features that can be found …

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5 things to knit with your leftover yarn before Christmas

There aren’t many days left before Christmas, and if you still want to gift homemade presents, we have gathered five tips on things you actually have time to knit! Being able to gift homemade presents that you have made yourself is personal, sustainable and something everyone gets pleasure from. Maybe some small homemade presents as …

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crochet your life away

Crochet is massively on the up and coming and could be considered the “it” craft of the year. Celebrities are covered in it and it’s all over pinterest, that must mean it’s trendy, right? DIY has seen a massive rise in popularity post-pandemic as people required crafts to keep them occupied, while the importance of …

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