sunset sweaters

Although we are in the midst of summer, certain countries are renowned for temperature drops when the sun is setting. That means that the dress you were wearing during the hot summer day won’t suffice in the evening. Here, knitted cardigans and sweaters come in handy. Not only do they look so good layered over …

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a crochet summer

A summer designed for crochet goods is approaching us rapidly. If you want to look fashionable this summer without sacrificing your comfortability and body temperature; this trend is for you. When it gets really hot outside it is hard to remain comfortable and trendy at the same time, but the crochet trend is here to …

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tanks and tees

The perfect summer wardrobe staple: knitted tanks and tees. You may be unsure about what’s in fashion or how to dress this summer, I am here to help! Trends are constantly fluctuating, we know that, although it seems as though light summer knits are here to stay, and have been since 2019. We love it! …

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Love for linen

We are moving towards summer, but that does not mean you should stop knitting! There are so many perfect pieces and patterns for the slightly warmer months. We already discussed the best and most suitable fabrics for the summer season, in this article – linen being one of them. Linen is a natural textile made from flax …

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Time for a tote

Potentially the coolest accessory for every season; the tote bag. The tote has really risen in popularity lately, mainly because of how functional, easy and personal they are. They are also often bigger than the average handbag, making them suitable for shopping and groceries. Not to mention how environmentally friendly totes are! Most shops have …

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Live, laugh, layer

Now that we are moving out of winter (finally!) and entering the spring months, layering is a must. I think people often associate layering with unfashionable attire, however that is not necessarily always the case. The look of different textures and fabrics combined could make or break an outfit. Finding the perfect balance between functional …

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Now you can finally create your own unique sweater!

Knit your own design with Dreamknit’s help! Knit&note have recently entered a collaboration with norwegian Dreamknit. Dreamknit is a website where you can design your very own sweater and then recieve the pattern of your design as a PDF, so that you can start knitting right away. Although there are many pre-made sweater patterns out there, …

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