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Why our users love our knitting app

See an overview of all your knitting projects, giving you the joy of looking back at completed creations, along with control over all the little details.


Gather all of your knitting details in one place: patterns, projects, yarn, tools etc.


Categories made for knitters and personalized tags make patterns easy to find.


Keep track of details, add photos and use smart tools.

See your progress

Enjoy the feeling of completing your projects and look back to see your progress.


knit&note is your personal knitting universe and knitting journal, allowing you to look back on your notes and projects for years.

Accessible everywhere

Always accessible. As a web application you can log in from any browser, and it is easy to add to your phone's home screen as an app.

Home page

Your knitting projects at a glance

Your knitting project is always accessible with a single click from the home page. You can also see how many projects you have completed this year, how much yarn you have used and what your upcoming knitting plans are. 


Easy to find and easy to use

Create beautiful knitting projects and add patterns with useful details such as gauge, yarn, and personal notes in your knitting journal. Your active project is always accessible from the home page, and you can use tools inside the project view like row counters and pattern highlighting. 

Add photos to look back at your progress and remember the details for the next time you knit the same project. 


Organize your knitting patterns in one place

Use default categories made for knitting, or create your own custom categories. 

You can use tags to make it easy to find different patterns. Add “boy” as a tag, and you can search across all categories to find patterns for a “boy”, or you can search within a specific category. Plus, you can add several tags to each pattern.

Yarn stock

Keep track of your yarn

The yarn stock allows you to add the yarn you have available for your knitting projects, and gives you a great overview of what you have. When you are creating knitting projects you can add yarn from your yarn stock, and the amount is automatically updated. 

Search for yarn color, type, brand or gauge to see what yarn you have before you go out and buy your next batch. 

my journal

Your personal journal for knitting

In addition to all of these other features, you can also add your needle stock and create custom journals for your notes. You also have a calendar where you can see month by month what you have been knitting, and what you have completed that month. 

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