10 must-have knitting tools

Starting your knitting journey is super exciting, but it can also come with its challenges. From choosing the suitable yarn to deciding on the best pattern, there’s a lot to consider! That being said, if you’re equipped with the right tools, you can make your knitting experience smoother and more enjoyable. Here’s a list of ten must-have knitting tools that every fiber artist should own: 

1. Stitch markers

These little tools are perfect for marking specific points in your knitting. Whether it’s the beginning of a round, a certain stitch count, or a pattern repeat, stitch markers are your best friend.

2. Knitting needles

There’s many to choose from, but let me break it down to the main two types: 

  • Circular needles: Perfect for larger projects like sweaters.
  • Double-pointed Needles (DPNs): Ideal for smaller, cylindrical items such as socks or sleeves.

3. Crochet hook

Even if you’re not into crocheting, a hook is perfect for picking up dropped stitches. Everybody makes mistakes!

4. Stitch stoppers

On-the-go fiber artists, this one’s for you! With stitch stoppers, you can toss your work into a bag without losing any stitches. These nifty tools grip the end of your needles, keeping everything in place.


5. Stitch holders

When knitting a project like a sweater, you might need to put certain sections “on hold.” Stitch wires make sure these sections stay untangled and are there waiting for you when you return. They also allow you to try on your garment as you go – super handy when you’re knitting your own wardrobe.

6. Labels

Great way of adding a personalized touch to your knits. Not only does it add charm but it also helps in identifying the front from the back of sweaters. Simple yet effective!

7. Measuring tape

You’ll need to measure your project to check its length. Ensure your pieces fit perfectly by always having a measuring tape on hand. And guess what? We’ve got a digital ruler in our Knit&Note app if you’re on the go!

8. Knitting needle gauge

This tool is crucial for ensuring you have the correct needle size for your project. Tip: keep track of your needles and their sizes by logging them in your needle stock on Knit&Note.

9. Needle & Scissors

Scissors are essential for trimming those yarn tails. Before cutting the tail of a completed project, you need to weave in the ends, and that’s where a tapestry needle comes in handy. Given their affordability, consider getting them in a range of sizes. This means you’re prepared for any yarn weight.

10. Yarn bowl

I think we can all agree that spending your time detangling your yarn rather than knitting is super annoying. With a yarn bowl, you won’t have this problem – it keeps your yarn tangle-free. Plus, it can also be a cute accessory for your home.

With these tools your knitting time will be more efficient and the quality of your work will improve. Remember: Work smarter not harder! Are there any tools you can’t knit without? Let us know down below if we missed any favourites!

3 thoughts on “10 must-have knitting tools”

  1. Not conventional tools, but my hand cream and nail file are essentials in my project bag! Nothing worse then your yarn snagging on a jagged nail or catching on rough calluses. Plus working with yarn can dry your hands out. I have several small files and containers or lotion, so I always have one in each project bag! 🙌

    1. You’re so right Lea – what a great idea! I will definitely take that tip on and start keeping a nail file and hand cream in my project bag 😍 I love it, thanks for a great tip!

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