3 New Year’s Resolutions for crafters that are easy to keep

January is a great time to set goals for your making, just like we set resolutions for other parts of our lives. However, resolutions can also feel stressful. Crafting should be relaxing, not adding stress. So, here are 3 new year’s resolutions for crafters that are easy to keep.

Keeping your Stash Organized

Yarn shopping is the fun part. Getting home and keeping it organized can be a bit more challenging. Just adding one step when you get home can help you keep on top of yarn stash chaos. When you get home from your yarn shopping trip, you’ll want to look through your haul one more time and maybe show it off to someone. Just make sure you have your phone handy with the Knit&Note Yarn Stash open. As you look through and touch your beautiful yarn, just enter in the info into the stash and snap a picture of each one.

Finding Time to Craft

Making things by hand is a rewarding hobby, but finding the time to work on your projects is difficult. Try to build your crafting time into your routine. Find a time in the day where you can fit in time to work on your projects, like while you drink your morning coffee. My favorite way to fit crafting into my day is by bringing my project on my morning commute. It is 30 minutes where I otherwise wouldn’t be doing anything else. Not to mention the Knit&Note App makes crafting on the go so easy because all my project info is right there on my phone.

Learning new skills

I always want to learn new knitting skills. Luckily there are so many great resources online for learning new stitches and techniques. Knit&Note publishes new technique videos on our Instagram page, and you can also find these videos in our app if you need to review them. By following our posts, and other great teacher’s posts as well, you can build learning new techniques into your usual social media browsing.

The new year is the time to get a new perspective on your crafting goals. It doesn’t have to be a drag to achieve what you want to in your craft. I hope these tips will help you keep your crafting resolutions in 2024.

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