4 Christmas gifts that you actually manage to finish in time!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … And it’s getting closer day by day! 

How do you feel about knitting this year’s Christmas gifts? Sure, they take a little more time, energy and effort to make, but that’s also what makes homemade gifts so special. The time and care you put into making a gift, is a gift in itself. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to knitted gifts. It doesn’t have to be a big or complicated project for it to be a total hit. Most important of all – personalized gifts never fail!  We have gathered our best tips so that you can be inspired. Maybe you get to use some of your leftover scrap yarn?!

Nothing beats the feeling of warm socks during wintertime. Easy ribbed socks are super fun to knit! They are knitted from the top down, with cast offs and increases, which makes the design on the heel vary from the traditional type. With these nice socks, you truly give someone a feeling of KOS! 

Picture borrowed from @jord.clothing

The icing on the cake for any outfit this season. PetiteKnit has drawn inspiration from Stockholms fashion.  A gift that is both cute and functional, and which is guaranteed a lot of use. The Stockholm hat is knitted using merino wool and mohair, which makes it chunky and nice. 

Picture borrowed from @strikkevorin.

The Honey mittens are lovely accessories and such a nice gift. Just look at the details on these! The mittens are a part of Lene Knit’s Honey series, which includes mittens for juniors and adults, beanies, socks and cowls. 

Picture from @leneknit

A great alternative to a hat, and a lot more practical if you have your hair up! The best part of this pattern is that you can knit the headband in so many ways. Using thick or thin yarn, with or without details. This makes it so likeable! 

Picture borrowed from @idablytt

Hopefully, this post gave you some great ideas. It is entirely possible to knit one (or several) of these four patterns in time for Christmas. Will you be knitting any Christmas gifts this year? Share your best tips in the comments below. Happy knitting!

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