Don’t let bigger projects weigh you down

Comfy sweaters, gorgeous shawls, long scarves, knit dresses and warm blankets. Chilly weather calls for more fabric to keep us warm. But all that fabric can be a bit much to handle at times. Don’t let bigger projects weigh you down. Here are 4 of the most annoying things about knitting larger items.

1. Weight of the world​

Working with a big, heavy project lying on your lap, the weight of it can make knitting slower and it is so tiring for the hands. It can help to work with you project resting on a cushion or table, or by standing with your work on a counter.

2. The bulk

When your project has really long rows or just a lot of fabric, it can be challenging to manage the bulk. I find I am always having to shift the work this way or that way to get in a comfortable knitting position. There’s no real way around it, but often I get into a pattern of how and when I shift the work, so it at least becomes a bit of a rhythmic dance with my fabric. 

3. No progress

Larger projects can mean that you work forever without feeling like you’ve made any progress. This is especially true if you are working with a thinner yarn. I try to focus on the milestones, like if your pattern has design or color changes. Taking photos and documenting your work on the Knit&Note app can help you notice the progress you are making.

4. Big project, big commitment​

Bigger projects require more yarn. This is more yarn that you have to buy, so it feels a bit risky. I always keep my fingers crossed that my project works out and that I didn’t get all that yarn for nothing. But look on the bright side, even if it doesn’t, that just means you’ve lots of yarn for new projects.

The truth is, even though it can be a pain some of the time, usually it is worth it in the end. There is so much satisfaction to finishing a beautiful large project that you have poured hours of time into. So hang in there, and don’t forget to share your projects on the Knit&Note Community!

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