Knitting On The Go

For a lot of people, summer means going on holiday. But just because you are travelling, that’s no excuse not to be working on your projects. Here are some tips for knitting on the go.

What to Bring

I wouldn’t be able to say for certain exactly what you should bring, but try to cover your bases. You don’t want to be miles from home and missing something that you need to continue your project. Try to read ahead on your project pattern to make sure you have everything. Some things you’ll want to look for are needle size changes, putting stitches on hold and how close you are to the end of your current ball of yarn.

Some things I would suggest:

  • your phone with the Knit&Note app: you’ll have your pattern, row counters and all the project information that you need
  • a handy project bag: keeps all your knitting things together
  • crochet hook: this is handy to pick up any dropped stitches or help you get out of a tricky situation
  • stitch holders: even if the pattern doesn’t call for you to put your stitches on hold, they still might come in handy
  • measuring tape: you might need to measure your piece to check the length while you are working
  • stitch markers: this might be necessary for your pattern, or just handy to help you keep track of your work
  • extra yarn: you never know how much knitting you might do while you’re away.

Stay Adaptable

Space can often be tight and uncomfortable while travelling. You might have to adjust your usual knitting posture. Try to make the most of what you are carrying with you to help you knit most comfortably. For example, if you are used to knitting with your yarn in a yarn bowl, you can try using your sun hat to hold your yarn.


One thing I feel like I have to mention is knitting needles and airport security. I have never had any trouble bringing my projects and needles onto a plane, but I have heard from other knitters who have. If possible, check your airline’s website for any guidance


Even if you forget something. The worst case scenario really isn’t that bad. You might just have to visit the yarn shop where you are travelling and do a bit of shopping to pick up what you need.

If you are travelling this summer, be sure to bring your project along. It can be a great way to pass time while waiting for your flight, or on a train ride. Be sure to tag us with picture of your knitting while travelling, and share your best knitting travel tips.

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