So you want to be a knitter?

There are already so many resources out there about how to get started with knitting. What materials to get (a simple Google search produces loads of results), how to learn the basics (there are tons of video tutorials like these), or what project to knit first (some recommend a scarf, and some don’t). I wanted this beginner’s guide to knitting to be a little bit different.

brown garter stitch knitting

This guide is meant to show you what your journey through knitting might look like. Maybe take a moment to think about the kind of knitter you could be. Sometimes when knitters get started, they get stuck on the small stuff and don’t know exactly where they might be headed. That’s definitely okay. However, it can also be helpful to have some goals that are a bit further down the road. One point that I want to stress is that you should always make choices that feel right to you. There is no one right way to start knitting, or progress through knitting.

Learn the Basics

There are some things that you will definitely need to start your journey, and that is needles and yarn. I will leave it to you to search and figure out what needle size and yarn would be a good fit for you. After that you need to learn the basics: how to cast on, and make knit and purl stitches.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many knitters give up on knitting because their first projects don’t turn out at beautiful as they’d like. The main reason for that is that they haven’t practiced the basics enough. Artists don’t start out trying to paint the Mona Lisa. Tension and making consistent stitches is a big part of what makes knit fabric look beautiful. This takes time and practice. Make a bunch of little practice swatches to get your hands warmed up to those knitting motions. You will get better at casting on, and you will be making more consistent stitches before you know it.

Your First Project

Find a pattern that you are passionate about knitting. It can be hard, but try to find a balance between something that you think is beautiful, something that you really want to knit, and something that uses just those basic stitches that you’ve practiced. You’d be surprise what you can do with just those two stitches. It is really important that you love the pattern, because in those tough moments you will need the extra motivation to push through. Some simpler design terms that you can look for are stockinette, garter, or ribbed fabric.

Follow Your Interests

Once you have knit your first few simple projects, try to tune into what drives your passion for knitting. If you enjoy the look and feel of beautiful yarns, you might focus on what blends you enjoy using, or maybe if color is more your thing you can explore yarns with different dying techniques like hand-painted or kettle dyed. If you like the look of more complex patterns, maybe learning new stitches and techniques would be more up your alley. Don’t be afraid to explore different avenues of knitting that interest you. There are so many ways to keep knitting interesting and exciting.

Hopefully this slightly unconventional beginner’s guide to knitting can give you a vision of what your knitting journey might look like. My number one suggestion if you are thinking about learning how to knit is do it! There is so much fun and satisfaction in making your own creations by hand. Just remember that there is no single approach to learning knitting that works for everyone, so don’t be afraid to find your own path.

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