Styling warm wear into Spring

Spring has sprung. That might have many yarn crafters looking ahead to lighter fibres and coolers styles for the warmer months ahead. But the days are still cool, and if you’re like me, you can’t let go of those warm wool knits quite yet. I find that I just have to find the sweet spot of keeping part of my body warm with my favourite pieces, while making sure that I don’t overheat. I’ll share some of my favourite ways to style my warmer knits well into spring.

Ditch your coat, but keep the accessories

It is all a balance, sometimes it is okay to dress your core a little cooler, but keep your hat and gloves so that you don’t lose too much heat through your extremities. I usually pick a nice warm long sleeve and pair it with my favourite purple hat and glove set.

Layer your knits

This might sound like a no brainer, but layering your wool wear is a great way to fight off the cold. There are often spring days that are still quite chilly, but I just don’t feel like wearing a coat. That’s when I put on a few layers topped off by one of my favourite wool knits.

Bare legs, toasty toes

There is nothing like feeling the breeze on your bare legs. I always pull out my flowy dresses way too soon. I combat the colder wind on my legs by pairing my dresses with nice warm socks. Warm feet always keep me from getting too cold.

As eager as I am for spring and summer to come. I love my winter wear too much to just let it go. What are your favourite styling combos for wearing warm knits into the spring?

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