Yellow knitting patterns for Easter and spring

Easter is just around the corner, and we cannot wait for some time off with family and friends. Easter often reflects the start of spring, as things are finally starting to warm up and the sun is shining. In turn, Easter is largely dominated by the color yellow.  With Easter just around the corner, maybe allowing more knitting time, we would like to show you 3 easter knitting patterns you can knit this holiday. These cute and yellow patterns will definitely add the perfect touch to your spring and easter wardrobe. All the patterns are available in Knit&Note’s pattern library. Download the app and upgrade to premium to get access to these patterns and many more!

Pastel yellow

Have you ever wondered why yellow becomes the color of choice every Easter? The color yellow is undeniably a popular spring shade, and for many, that’s what pops up when we think about this time of year. Why is this? The season is filled with yellow, whether that be chicks, colored eggs or flowers. Flowers bloom in spring, and more importantly, the sun starts shining! This symbolizes the rebirth of spring. The shade of yellow that is most commonly found during spring, is a light pastel, which also works really well in knitted pieces 💛

Fresh start & Spring cleaning

For many, spring is the season of renewal and the perfect time for a fresh start. This looks different for everyone – whether it be a big spring cleaning in your yarn stash or finishing off those UFO’s that have been lingering for months. Whatever you want to organize, the spring is a great time in doing so! For some, this isn’t as important, and we should all be able to enjoy some relaxing knitting time during the holidays. Enjoy the time off, knit and unwind – you deserve it! Why not knit one of these Easter patterns?

Our Top 3 Easter Knitting ideas:

Here are three cute yellow patterns you can knit this spring 🌸  All available in the Knit&Note pattern library!

Fridag Cardigan V-neck

The Fridag Cardigan V-neck by Aftenstrikk is a roomy and cozy cardigan that is worked with cables and a double moss stitch with wide sleeves. It gives a delicate expression through its cables and v-neck, making it the perfect cardigan to dress up. This cardigan offers versatility in its fit, allowing you to choose between an oversized or fitted silhouette by adjusting the positive ease. Similarly, you have the freedom to customize its length to suit your preference! The cardigan is worked bottom-up with a rib feature on the cuffs. This cardigan is perfect for layering, and can be wrapped around you on chilly days or draped over your shoulders on the sunnier spring days. It is knitted using wool held together with mohair for a nice halo effect, we love it!

Jellybean Vest

Vests are great for spring! The Jellybean Vest by Strikkerlittmye is your go-to solution for those tricky spring days when it’s too warm for a sweater but too cool for just a tee. As it is knitted on bigger needles, it is the perfect quick and easy Easter project. It is a simple pattern, perfect for beginners! By using mohair or alpaca yarn you achieve a soft and fluffy texture, which is so comfortable. This vest is a great choice for those looking to add a stylish layer to their spring outfits. Whether this versatile vest is styled alone or over your favorite blouse, dress or a sweater – it will seamlessly fit into your spring wardrobe. It is so cute!

Happy Hour Jumper

Lastly, we have the Happy Hour Jumper from Jaime Creates – add some happiness into your spring wardrobe with this classy and cute sweater! Part of the Happy Hour pattern family, this sweater brings texture into your wardrobe with its cropped and staple design. It is worked using a slipped hourglass stitch, which is a fun and unique knitting technique. The choice of chunky, soft yarn makes it ideal for those cooler spring evenings, providing warmth without weighing you down. Aimed at intermediate knitters, this sweater gives you the chance to knit a project that’s both engaging and fulfilling, ending with a piece that’s sure to become a springtime favorite.

We hope these patterns inspire you to add a splash of yellow to your spring knitting projects  🌸

The patterns are all available in Knit&Note’s pattern library! Upgrade to premium here to get unlimited access to hundreds of high-quality knitting patterns 🧶

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