You still have time to knit these before Christmas

There aren’t many days left before Christmas, and if you still want to give homemade presents, we have gathered four things you actually have time to knit! Being able to give homemade presents that you have made yourself is personal, sustainable and something everyone gets pleasure from. Maybe some small homemade presents as stocking stuffers or a little extra surprise for the person who already knows what’s under the tree. As these things are small and quick to make, you can easily use the leftover yarn you have at home. Check out what yarn you have lying around in your yarn stash on your Knit&Note app. Get started now, while you still have time!


The December bow by Petiteknit is the perfect last-minute stocking stuffer. It can be attached to a cord and hung, or be used as an accessory. We love an object that serves more than one purpose! You’re also supporting a good cause as all the revenue from the pattern goes to charity. The pattern can be purchased here.

This gorgeous bow is made by @knittingforafriend.

Scarves are also the perfect last-minute gift, they’re classic and practical! The Ellie scarf by Strikkevorin is knitted back and forth in a garter stitch and we love the end result. This fun scarf will suit everyone, from your grandma to your sister. It’s versatile in that you can drape it over your shoulders or wrap it tightly around your neck on colder days. And how fun would it be to knit in this bright blue!?

These hairbands from aftenstrikk are the perfect scrap yarn projects. The pattern includes two different versions, so you can choose the one you like best. It also includes many different sizes, so both adults and children can enjoy them. We love how cute and versatile they are! 


What about a knitted hat? The Bernhof hat by SecondKnit stands out as a great stocking stuffer. This vibrant red color is not just perfect for Christmas but is also one of the fall’s trendiest colors. Its versatile design makes it an ideal choice for friends and family of all ages. A cozy hat that suits everyone, it doesn’t get much better than that!

We hope this has sparked some inspiration for your last-minute Christmas gift ideas! If you’re still finalizing your holiday presents, what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than by knitting these beautiful gifts?♡

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